Family Reunion

I had so much fun these past few 10 days. My aunt from the US arrived as well as my relatives from Davao city and Baguio. It’s been a long time since our family became complete. Well, not totally complete since my mother is in Saudi, my cousin Krizel is in Singapore while my uncle, tito nat is in UAE.  But at least only 3 members were missing right? First, we all went to hear a mass at the Antipolo church then went to SM Marikina afterwards. 

We also went swimming at Montalban since my youngest cousin Khalil insisted that we go there. One of the bonding sessions I had with my cousins was to bake 500 choco macaroons and about a hundred plus of orange chiffon and chocolate moist cupcakes. My hand got sore because of too much scooping but still, I had fun. Those sweets were used at Lola Miniang’s birthday celebration. Last sunday, we also had a party here in the house. A late celebration for Tita teng’s 50th birthday and also for Tita sion’s arrival here in the Philippines. Our family took pictures wearing matching t-shirts. It was so cute :)

My relatives left yesterday but I miss them already. It’s so quiet now here in our house. I miss them so much and I hope that on our next reunion, we will be really complete. I woke up late yesterday so I wasn’t able to bid them goodbye but as soon as I woke up, I saw that my cousin tin2 posted a farewell note at my room. That was just so sweet of her. ‘

til my next journal entry,

Kath :)

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